Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hanzel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Watching this lovely gory let’s blow things up and set them on fire work led me to some interesting thoughts about crones. Okay why are the old women always crones or witches? Why do they have such an image problem? Is there nothing between crone and the evil witch? If the witch captures the children with the candy house and then tries to eat them, how does one overcome this bad press? The inverse must be true for the Granny superheroine: she must solve the mysteries of who takes children, protect them, and help them get away.

It boggles the mind: crone or witch, no middle ground. We have given some time to the weapons, although at this date, the matter is not settle and everything is still under consideration. Gretel was wearing some cool leather pants in the basic black that I think Granny might like for her very own. So that will settle part of the costume issue, black leather pants.

What about transportation? No broomsticks allowed. Hmmmmmmm, flying monkeys are out, a hat, a cool car? What about a flying carpet, no time traveling just your basic back and forth. A pair of magic boots, very tasteful, of course, to go with the leather pants.

Okay, going back to the drawing board to bring more ideas to the surface. I could use a little help.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


More Thoughts on Weapons

A gentle reader thinks a grandma being able to gas people with her pearls is too frightening to contemplate. So with that in mind I am considering the suggestion of a time traveling cook book. The recipes are dated and when you open the book after deciding what to cook, you’re whisked back into time. I think that is pretty cool.

How about a butter churn that churns while it is inserted into the milk but becomes a light ax when it is pulled from its bottom? Imagine a long handle with blades whipping out and butter flying around. I think it might have possibilities.

I am not sure my granny should fight crime. But what else would she do with these awesomely cool weapons? Maybe she should search for missing persons, people lost in the wheat fields of Oklahoma, or fallen down a freshly fracked well, or polluting a creek with their petroleum. Now there’re possibilities. She could solve mysteries like tracking down people dumping illegally.

What do you think her mission should be? I could use some help here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



I am sitting here watching G I Joe: Retaliation. The hero formula for G I Joe is very familiar to everyone. The mythic reality of G I Joe comes from the reports of heros coming home from the second world war, action in Korea, or Hasbro Toys. These are the heros of my brothers, son and perhaps my grandson.

Where is my heroine? There were no women wearing capes at the bakeoffs or the fairs where the jellies were judged. We need a squad of women who do extraordinary things with special weapons. I’m going to give this some thought We've had the stories where the girls with bows save the world. This is a good start, but not enough. It needs more work. The guys get the cool toys and exploding thingys, all my grandma had was a wooden spoon and a whisk. Maybe she needs an apron that turns into a bullwhip, or the classic pearls that emit a paralyzing gas that makes people forget. I’ll be working on it.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oklahoma Writers Federation Meeting (OWFI) 2014

Oklahoma Writers Federation Meeting (OWFI) 2014

I experienced the energy of so many writers and speakers. It was amazing. Writers are people who will reach back and help someone who is just starting out. They network and mentor. Their accomplishments are inspirational to the rest of us. Their message of don’t be discouraged, you’ll get there is reassuring. The weekend is just a blur of information and new faces.

I was shepherd to Matrice Hussey, editor at Harlequin Romances. She was a delight and gave a presentation on the varying degrees of romantic writing. It was an eye opener to learn there are so many degrees romance can be depicted. I write for children so my brush with romance is in the library or the bookstore stacks. I am a reader of many different genres and love a good story that works. I guess that I ask myself does it do what the writer wanted? Did it do it well?

I met Eloisa James the best selling author of romances. She is a wonderful funny woman who gave a delightful keynote speech about her journey to success. She emphasized the writer is 50% business person and 50% writer/creator. It was the first time I had thought of it in this manner. I have been writing without thinking about the business side of it.

Today I am adjusting my internal landscape to reflect these new realities that I have learned. It will take me time to process all of the implications of what I have heard. But I am going to make changes.