Wednesday, May 29, 2013



The water and sanitation department have informed me in my latest bill that I am being moved to one garbage pickup a week. They have also listed new rules for what I may dispose of in my magnificent 96 gallon can. Rules! Can you believe that!

Gone are the days of cheering when the sanitation men toss the commode from the bathroom remodel into the back of the truck. I have spent summers playing ‘will they take that away?’ It goes like this: okay they took the commode but what about the huge vanity and cabinet. Not any more, they now have new rules. ‘Will they take that away?’ was as summer as baseball or water skiing.

In the future if I want to get rid of a commode, I will have to break it into small enough pieces to put it in a garbage bag. They want all garbage now in a garbage bag, don’t even think about letting your garbage loose inside the splendid 96 gallon can. Remember the garbage bag commercial where they were hauling a tire in the bag?  Contain it. Keep the can clean. It has a serial number and can be traced, in case you are contemplating a can adventure.

There might be a more sinister reason for the garbage bagging, perhaps they are not taking our garbage to the dump. That could be one reason for these new rules. They might be saving our dump and mailing our garbage somewhere. This could be the reason for the new rules. Just imagine Fed Exing the garbage.


  1. I hate the one day pick up, by Friday our garage is unbearably stinky. Can you imagine diapers baking in a garage all week long? It's not pleasant.

  2. Good blog. Yep. It's part of the conspiracy. Rules. Rules. Rules. Every way we turn we are breaking a law or a rule and ending up with a tax, fine or imprisonment. Does anyone remember what freedom really is anymore?

    The wind keeps blowing my container over. As for the big stuff, many other communities have suffered "blight" due to beginning stringent rules. Those cities have now reverted to also having a "big stuff" truck follow the garbage truck around.

    Of course you can try Bartlesville Freecycle or join FB Pay It Forward, never know what will be considered a treasure to people.