Wednesday, June 12, 2013



My family comes together when one of our children graduates. We have been doing this for almost twenty years. Our children have been spread out over time. It is a time of affirming the next generation. It has not always been easy for our children to attain this accomplishment. They have had to work very hard. They struggle for definition sometimes changing their lives two or three times before they succeed.

All the children are beautiful and accomplished. They each have a unique way of seeing things and looking into the future. I appreciate their new view. Not much progress would be made if we were all alike. Attempts to perpetuate the past are not productive as we must give way to the new visions. Our next generation is global. They have looked up and seen the world as their front yard. All of them travel. They enjoy going to new places.

This year’s graduate is a global problem solver. She is kind and beautiful, a powerful combination to bring to international problems. Her scope and vision surprise me. I remember her as a little girl who liked bracelets, hats, and cats. She had awesome science fair projects, and was a good student.

She pursued the study of soil and water technology. She has a project in Sierra Leone working on water filtration systems with people there. I will sit and watch her cross the stage new week, knowing she is just beginning to show us a little of what she sees. I hope she will help us to change the world, to make it better, and share with us some of the possibilities of her future.


  1. It is heartening to know that these young people are thinking globally! I also see this global scope in the young adults in our family. So much hope for the future! Enjoy the celebration!

  2. What a loving tribute to your graduate. Congrats!

  3. How wonderful. Now I have a greater understanding to the meaning,"write what you know."