Wednesday, July 17, 2013



I am not afraid of failure. Failing is tiresome and will make you revisit the things you thought you understood. But I am not sure loosing certainty is ever a mistake. When you think you have it all figured out, that is when you may be in danger of failing. Think about it…what does failure do for you? It gives you a second chance. Maybe some of us need more chances than others. I have always envied those with the conviction of their destiny.

I, however, have floundered down paths blundering along doing the best I could. Occasionally the paths have been wrong and I have had to turn and retreat. I find no shame in retreating, take your lessons and move along to a new place and begin again. In this journey, I have discovered important things about myself. Things I wouldn’t have known if I had not explored the option I have since discarded. People are of the opinion that as you age, you must surely move past this stage of making mistakes and trying things. I am not sure that is the case perhaps you only stop trying things if you become weak or ill.

My sticky notes are an elegant reminder of this type of adventure. The adventure that was a mistake, the one from which I had to backtrack. They have the shadow symbol of a red hawk on them. They will remind me not to be afraid to soar, even though I might make a mistake, I can always take another thermal current and try something else. I order the lot for the price break so I will have this reminder around for awhile.

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