Thursday, November 21, 2013



Most of my life I  have been competitive. I love the challenge of beating. Winning is a good feeling. Lately, I have turned inward. This inward turning led to the discovery of the practice of Yoga. Locally I practice with instructor Bee Bradley of the Sun-Moon Yoga Studio. This is a new experience because there is no competition with Yoga.

The meditation aspect of yoga is an inward turning. Learning to quiet your mind and just be. This is a powerful state. It can be to sitting quietly with God. Praying as we Christians often do it involves pleading and invoking to get our way. I believe that God is happiest with us when we are just being in his goodness and presence. Sitting still and knowing He is there is, perhaps, the greatest form of companionship with our creator.

The world would be a different place if all the other type of praying were sufficient to solve problems. I think many things would be resolved. Perhaps we are all being called to meditate on our own spiritual and physical well being.

My competitive nature will not be denied indefinitely. As I practice Yoga I become stronger and set little challenges for myself. My goal is to become strong enough to stand on my head, an inversion. Right now my arms, wrists, and shoulders are not strong enough but stay tuned.

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