Tuesday, January 12, 2016



January 12, 2016

         Long ago, cause I’m older than dirt, no kidding, have compost younger than I am, I made snow ice cream. I didn’t have a recipe. I had a bowl, sugar, snow (lots of snow), vanilla, and milk. I remember mixing the ingredients and everyone eating it. Once I even dyed it pink, just like it had some sort of exotic flavor.

         With today’s storms, I wonder, does anyone out there make snow ice cream today? What are the customs for being inside when it is cold? Blizzards drive everyone in, but there are some pleasant snowstorms that can be enjoyed and they will produce this ice cream. Might try it with real cream now, but there was no such thing at my house then. Today I could make many variations on the original recipe. Maybe coffee with creamer and snow for a real iced coffee? How about smoothie snow with spinach? Okay, we could go healthy, but no squash.

         The confusion that a snow day brought is part of the memory. We were out of school, and Mom, a teacher was out of school, but we were left pretty much to our own devices.  Sometimes we played card games or we worked on school assignments. We even watched TV during the golden age of Television. Leave it to Beaver, (the first time around) and the Andy Griffith Show. Was it the good old days? I don’t remember it that way. I remember it as a time of confusion. I remember trying to understand the world and my place in it. Since I still work on these things, I think I’ll stick with the memory of the snow ice cream.


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