Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I love donuts. During my southern sojourn where there was only one donut shop in town, I went for years without having one. I call it the great donut dry spell. I would come home and buy a dozen donuts and promptly eat them. I think it is known as binging, but that was before I properly understood the term. So you’ll have to cut me slack.

Now I have to watch my weight, and my diet. So I have discovered that I just don’t need them. I must have satisfied my craving all those years ago. Can leave them alone completely, and go on my merry way, eating healthy foods like squash. Squash is a maligned vegetable joke at my house. As in the much quoted: “Who needs it?” line from my husband.

Rocking along, eating healthy, exercising, and working, just doing my thing until…I. smell. a. donut. And weaken. The enticing smell of ‘eat me you know you want to’ drifting from my husband’s daylight donut bag, fresh from the drive though window. My husband never counts his calories.

So I start with just one donut, then maybe two, to keep the first one company… The next thing I know I’m face down in a plate of cake wondering: how I got there, where my car is, and how high my blood sugar is. Don’t get me started on beignets!

Okay, I'll present you with a healthy alternative, oatmeal.

This is Overnight Oatmeal so don't forget that part. Take 1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats, 1/3 cup of your favorite milk (soy, almond, coconut) and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Add all ingredients in a jar and stir. Refrigerate them overnight or for five hours. In the morning use a combination of desired toppings. (Fruit, cheese, nuts, honey, chocolate chips) Add more liquid to get desired consistency before you add toppings. Enjoy this healthy alternative!

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