Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Today I want to talk about table settings and their implications. Everyone spends so much time with their electronic devices, and other activities, that the importance of sitting down around the table to have dinner cannot be overstated. Children and their families need to have a time when they are together sharing a meal. This sharing time will give them an opportunity to express their concerns and talk about their activities. I love to listen to my grandchildren around the dinner table.

Their meal choices are not very flexible, macaroni and cheese and kosher beef hot dogs, but the things they relate to me are precious. They have wonderful misconceptions that they bring up, questions they ask, statements they make as they repeat something in their understanding such as: do you thing rolly pollys have noses and can smell? or the classic: if you eat junk food you will die and never poop again, (my personal favorite.)

The ritual act of setting the table and then sitting down to eat is very important. They love to help when they can and often set out the napkins and the silverware, always wanting knives, because someone else has to help with the heavy dishes or the glasses. Please don’t let the pace at which we live and work deny you this opportunity for important interactions with the children in your life.

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