Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Father’s are so important to children. I’ve watched my husband with our children, and my son with his. Both of them have expressed the joy of being with their children, and they are great fathers. My brother is also a great father, and he has raised wonderful children.
          I’m not sure where they learned their fathering skills. Moms know that we don’t know so we ask, we read, and we seek advice. My husband knows important stuff like: marshmallows solve lots of things, and when combined with chocolate they are a universal cure all. They teach the children important rules like: ‘don’t get me in trouble.’ I mean, where did they learn that?
          “Let’s not tell Mom,” a path to shared secrets and adventures. Stuff they instinctively know they will get into trouble for. How do they learn that?

         I wish for every child the joy of a good father. I think all we really ask of fathers is that they try.

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