Wednesday, September 4, 2013



I just met with a friend who was telling me about her four inch high heels. She felt powerful wearing these shoes, in control, demanding attention.  Many women have this mistaken impression that wearing four inch heels puts them in a powerful position. Not true, power does not come from the shoes. This is a myth of four inch heel makers.

A woman’s power comes from her MAGNETIC TITS. Yes, it is true. Those breasts draw things to you sure as a compass points true north. Treat them with respect. The tricky thing is to learn how to screen your causes as they adhere to your chest. Everyone is called to work on a certain number of things in this world, and each one of us must learn which ones belong to us.

I am not sure that I have discovered my causes. A writer likes to explore all things, walking around them getting the view in stereoscope. Many causes are not mine but I admire and support those who are called to work on them. Troubled children…Food for the hungry…Literacy…Mental Health. All great things to buttress and sustain. My contribution to the things I support comes through in my writing. I don’t suppose it takes a reader long to pick out what these things might be.

I try not to be obvious about what I believe. I hope I am not anyway, since I believe that a writer must strive to address beliefs with a little subtly. But rest assured I do the best I can, bringing my story to you, serving it up with my limits and possibilities.


  1. I love you Mary. And your writing is a fast paced evolution. I support you all the way!