Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Today is the first day of daylight savings time. When I was a girl I used to read editorials about this being communist time, not God’s time. But we have surely moved past that today. The reality is that the sunbeam that used to greet me at 7:44 is no longer there. Now I am up and busy long before the sun hits the window where my chair is located. When we change to daylight savings time we are on our way to spring. It is the first step to the spring feeling. Next we will find daffodils in front and trees budding.

Today I feel like someone who has slept too long. Winter has left me groggy. Time to move things outside and get the yard ready for summer activities.  I’m looking forward to sitting in the sun, and digging in the dirt. I don’t ever get everything done outside, I just get to a point where I say there is always next year and leave it where it is. I can always make more plans than I can execute. This year won’t be any different.

In a couple of mornings I’ll be over the adjustment to communist time and I’ll be in rhythm once more. Up bright and early, searching for the first ray of the sun, planning to do more than is humanly possible. But right now I am struggling with the first day of daylight savings time.

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