Wednesday, March 26, 2014



This year the spring color is an electric neon pink. I already have a sweater in this color, a gift from my sister. She guessed that this would be the latest thing when she gave it to me. I am good to go. In the mall windows they are showing bright pink sweaters, blouses and tops and pink jeans. The pink jeans are interesting, I guess, as I try to conjure the event I would attend in them. Symphony…no…movie…maybe…grocery stores…maybe…church…no…writers meeting…they’d almost be too polite to laugh… perhaps not.

The problem with this dazzling color is that it is hard to work with and accessorize. Too much of the bright pink and you’ll look like a walking tulip, scary, but ambulatory. You must acquire and wear this color in small doses. Well let’s consider how small, a scarf, a shell, a purse, a pair of shoes, perhaps just the right amount. Anything more needs careful consideration, very careful.

My beautiful sister, who I love dearly, often gives me great fashion advice usually while we are walking along looking into windows. Her voice will often replay in my ears as I contemplate various fashion foibles that might take a turn to the dark side. No one wants fashion to turn on them after they have left the store, but I have my sister’s voice whispering in my ear her words of wisdom, “Nothing that color belongs on something that size.”

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