Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Aren’t Easter customs interesting? I saw in our paper the announcement of 40,000 Easter eggs being dropped out of a helicopter in the celebration of the holiday. I suppose we should not even ask ourselves about the symbolism of this drop and how it ties into a holiday about the Resurrection. We should certainly not focus on why propelling plastic Easter eggs from a great height would take the place of a traditional hunt. In a traditional hunt we are still finding eggs in July having done the hiding so well in April.  But here we are not hiding anything, we are bombarding the populace with the small egg projectiles.

Hopefully they are filled with jelly beans, or kisses. It seems to me a rather aggressive way to celebrate the Holiday, or spring which is the softest of all the seasons. Spring gently sneaks up on us with soft green buds and yellow pollen. I can only wonder at the mentality of substituting the helicopter for the Easter Bunnie. When did this happen?

Okay, all that aside. Let’s just focus for a minute on the symbolism of the helicopter. We use helicopters in this way in war zones to drop food supplies, propaganda pamphlets, and medical aid. Usually these drops are done in concert with the military or some operation ordered by our alphabet spy agencies. Is the military involved in this Easter Egg drop? I submit that dropping anything from the sky onto a crowd below is wrong, and old fashioned Easter Egg hunts are the best.

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