Wednesday, April 9, 2014

OK SCBWI Spring 2014


The gathering of children’s book writers is always an amazing collection of talent. This spring’s conference in Oklahoma City was no exception. We come together and listen to professional agents, editors, and publishers representatives talk about a topic of interest to everyone. This spring’s it was character development. If you’re struggling with your stories then you don’t get it right all at once. It takes trial and error before you bring all the story elements together in one glorious whole unit. The important thing is to keep trying. I always learn something new. A new technique to develop and practice for my art.

I have several wonderful ideas that are not perfected yet. I want to make them as perfect as I can before I release them into the world. I continue to work on them for my sake. I will continue with my character development and the other techniques I learned. My writing buddies are always game for conferences. They enjoy going and meeting. Sometime we go down the road writing on the back of something a new idea. Sometimes we edit as we go. We eat and sleep our characters some days. Children’s literature is very challenging.

I discovered that I have nothing to say that would benefit any adult. Being an adult is just no fun, and I just don’t have anything to add to the experience. I just am not that good at being an adult, so I choose to have a very active and imaginative childhood experience during my waking hours. It is my best self. I’ll keep working on my stories and some day I’ll see you in the juvenile literature section.


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