Thursday, June 5, 2014


The Day Granny Changed!

Thank you for all of your suggestions. Some of them very valuable and will be incorporated into the character I’m creating. I hope have a drawing of Granny soon, working on the image now. Based on your suggestions I’ve developed a uniform, weapons, and a vehicle for traveling. Now I think Granny needs a mission, and perhaps a good PR person since the old ladies are getting such a bad rap. Hopefully her image can be salvaged by the appropriate spin.

Now for Granny’s mission and some thoughts on her aproned baking self and alter ego. I believe Granny’s mission should be to protect children, unlike the witch in Hanzel and Gretel, who so the story goes, puts children in ovens. So now I need to develop the myth of Granny and the newly named superheroine. Will have to look up figures of justice and see where that leads me.

I think Granny T sounds like a good human alter ego. She wears glasses, bakes, gardens, often wears an apron, has the recipe book that allows her to travel back in time as she goes back to the source of the original recipes. She also naps in her recliner.

So now to come up with name for the superheroine version of the Granny.  This will require some thought and research. So will check on you next week. If you have suggestions, let me know.

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  1. Are you doing A to Z on one of your other sites? I can't access either so I wasn't sure. Anyway thanks for visiting my dream blog.

    Don't know what's going on with Granny here. Guess I walked into the middle of a conversation.

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