Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hanzel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Watching this lovely gory let’s blow things up and set them on fire work led me to some interesting thoughts about crones. Okay why are the old women always crones or witches? Why do they have such an image problem? Is there nothing between crone and the evil witch? If the witch captures the children with the candy house and then tries to eat them, how does one overcome this bad press? The inverse must be true for the Granny superheroine: she must solve the mysteries of who takes children, protect them, and help them get away.

It boggles the mind: crone or witch, no middle ground. We have given some time to the weapons, although at this date, the matter is not settle and everything is still under consideration. Gretel was wearing some cool leather pants in the basic black that I think Granny might like for her very own. So that will settle part of the costume issue, black leather pants.

What about transportation? No broomsticks allowed. Hmmmmmmm, flying monkeys are out, a hat, a cool car? What about a flying carpet, no time traveling just your basic back and forth. A pair of magic boots, very tasteful, of course, to go with the leather pants.

Okay, going back to the drawing board to bring more ideas to the surface. I could use a little help.


  1. Did my post not take? Awesome recliner with different speeds. Pockets on the sides for "tools." and the rescued children can sit on the foot-rest while Granny sits Indian style in the chair, or the chair is extra wide and they scrunch in next to her.

  2. This recliner has real possibilities. Thank you for this wonderful image. A traveling recliner with tool pockets. Granny Indian style in her leather pants very cool. Maybe red high top chucks with sequins.