Wednesday, May 21, 2014


More Thoughts on Weapons

A gentle reader thinks a grandma being able to gas people with her pearls is too frightening to contemplate. So with that in mind I am considering the suggestion of a time traveling cook book. The recipes are dated and when you open the book after deciding what to cook, you’re whisked back into time. I think that is pretty cool.

How about a butter churn that churns while it is inserted into the milk but becomes a light ax when it is pulled from its bottom? Imagine a long handle with blades whipping out and butter flying around. I think it might have possibilities.

I am not sure my granny should fight crime. But what else would she do with these awesomely cool weapons? Maybe she should search for missing persons, people lost in the wheat fields of Oklahoma, or fallen down a freshly fracked well, or polluting a creek with their petroleum. Now there’re possibilities. She could solve mysteries like tracking down people dumping illegally.

What do you think her mission should be? I could use some help here.

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