Tuesday, April 5, 2016


         Maybe we have moved from the clutches of winter. I know we are now in storm season. We’ve already had a weekend of tornado’s on the ground which makes spring official. Apart from the storms what else tells us it’s spring?
         Dandelion season is another thing. This year I have an outstanding crop. My only hope is to get them mowed into submission because there are too many for jabbing out of the lawn. I’ve given up weed killers and trying to pollute my way into a green haven in front of my house. It just invites the moles anyway, they have to make a living, too.
         I think I need to look up. There used to be a weather program that gave the flying weather for small aircraft. It was a wonderful low budget affair. Very different from the dazzling sets and clothes budget that the weather channel has now. The woman who gave the ‘winds aloft’ report had three sweaters and five scarves in her wardrobe. But she diligently reported the weather for small flying craft. I found it enchanting. Just think, if you focused on flying high, you needed the winds aloft report. I always want to fly high just to elude the dandelions.

         Let’s make that our goal for the day, to get our craft in the winds aloft. I want to fly high and see what’s happening high above the dandelions. Don’t stay tied to the grass. Set big goals and head for the winds aloft.

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