Wednesday, August 7, 2013


If you haven’t been to the local farmer’s market, make an effort some Saturday morning between May and October. There is a wonderful collection of local offerings from all kinds of craftsmen and local farmers. You can buy local honey from the beekeeper, plants from the gardeners, soaps from soap makers, and bread from the local bakers. Often you can hear local talent singing, and playing instruments. It is a fun way to start a Saturday if you haven’t tried it.

There is an old world bread maker there who makes the best breads. Imagine yourself in a shop on a village street along the Mediterranean. You will see before you a wonderful selection of breads that are not sold anywhere else.  Her name is Adrienne. She is the essence of what you believe a bread baker should be. Every Saturday she displays her breads, and cookies. She invites you to try some new sample each week.

I have several favorites. Her pumpernickel is wonderful. She makes it from rye flower with caraway seeds. It is a rich color and flavorful, delicious with slices of ham and tomato on it. My other favorite is  potato  bread. There is nothing like it anywhere in town. I am addicted to it as a bedtime snack. You have to come early if you want a good selection. I am not the only one who is a connoisseur of these delights. I almost had to wrestle an old plaid shirted man one Saturday over the last loaf of potato bread.  

She asked me to tell my friends about her breads.

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