Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have watched a lot of Star Trek. I conclude that the Ferengis have it right. Whatever you need is out there flowing in the material river waiting for you to use it. Everything we might need is already provided for us. Just imagine whatever you want ready and waiting for your use. This material river constantly ebbs and flows washing things upon our shores and taking other things away for someone else to use. I often find my garage full of the things the material river has deposited for me during low tide.

Eventually someone will come along and one of my treasures will be just what they need for their project. So there is a great ebbing and flowing of things that are useful to someone, but have to be transported to another location by a new owner.

If you wake up needing a supply for one of your projects, bricks for example, be comforted. Bricks are out there with your name on them waiting for you to claim them. The Ferengis, who were cast in the role of black market smugglers, defined their business as transport. Material transport,
from one location in the universe to another, is an important commercial function.

I find that transport is often the issue. Materials that I need are out there located in a place that doesn’t need them. The task at hand is often moving them from the place where they are excess to the place where they are needed.  I feel wealthy. I have anything I need. I just have to solve the materials transport problem.



  1. In which you are revealed to be a Trekkie! LLAP!!

  2. I love that you have your fingers tapped together. I would have to have mine tapped together as well.

  3. Perhaps transport will manifest soon.

  4. Hopefully it will be big enough,

  5. Ahh the Ferengis did have it right ..why do male earth men cloth their women is beyond me ! :) Trekkie here :)