Thursday, December 12, 2013



My son loved the shiny crystal beads. We made beaded icicles when he was little. He did not like to color or paint, but he could string beads with the best of them. He made a beaded garland that was several feet of beads. He probably created twenty five beaded icicles all together. His trees looked completely different from my daughters.

We found lights that played carols one year. They were red bells that blinked with the music like strobe lights. They looked awesome on the tree, red and shiny. If you didn’t get the two strings timed in sync, they would raise a cacophony that you can’t imagine. One of the group of carols would be slightly behind the other, like an echo. My husband swore that the ‘blinking lights would cause seizures’ for anyone who looked at them.

Well, okay, they were fun for awhile. Finally, they squeaked their last carol, and were sent to the dust bin where Christmas lights go when they are no longer useful. I have to admit I was recently tempted by a group of shiny pine cone lights that advertised ‘plays five carols’, but that would mean I would have to commit to putting up a Christmas tree. So I resisted the tempting and beautifully shiny little things. I haven’t reached that stage of Christmas fever yet.
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  1. I don't put up a tree either. That's strange, considering how important it was to me as a younger person. I love to see all the variety of trees. I would really like for you to do reviews on my books. How do you go about the process?