Saturday, December 28, 2013



Christmas is magic. The crowning of the year with the shortest day and the reversal of the sun’s journey gives life to our planet. We come through the time of the ultimate darkness and turn back to the light. The joy of the season is the recognition that the darkness is once more moving from us.

With the internet, the preparation for Christmas is awesomely simple. I don’t even wait for Cyber-Monday, I just get out there and get with it. I ordered more things than usual this year and threw my credit card company into a panic. “Please call us and verify that no one else has your card, you have some unusual activity occurring.” Just doing my part to promote economic prosperity for all I was able to touch electronically.

The magic is in my grandchildren’s faces when they see the wrapped things of mystery. They are too young to be at that greedy stage and still just wonder where all the wrapped things come from. Too young to even acknowledge the Santa myth, but not too young to know that Grandma is really fun, and there is some really fun stuff at her house.

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