Wednesday, October 23, 2013



I love the weather radar Doppler whatever. It gives all of the details about where the storm is originating and where it will head. Who is in its path and what they need to do. Much better than my childhood years of sitting in the hall closet with my mother while she smoked, and then opening the closet door and peeking around the corner at the TV. We would let the smoke out of the closet while trying to get an idea about where the storm was going to go.

Historically we were not as prepared for the storms as we are now. Even with our current preparedness we still have awful tragedies and terrible personal losses. We need to continue our research and refine our instruments. It is the collective will and our collective resources that has developed this new warning system that works for us. We have to continue to do all that we can do to avoid the death and destruction of these huge storm systems.

I might still find myself sitting in the hall closet opening the door to check the TV for the storm’s location, but there is no smoke now. No smoke is a wonderful improvement as I peek around the corner at the dopplar spinning to see if it is in my neighborhood.

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