Wednesday, October 16, 2013



I consider my privacy fence a blank palate. I love to hang objects on it that enhance the plantings beneath them. Nothing is better for this than the Jamaican Metal Art. I have purchased this art at my church’s international market in the fall. I have used the website of to order it, and I have ordered it from a clearing house in Jamaica by googling Jamaican Metal Art and finding something I like.

The artists in Jamaica use oil drums to make their sculptures. Drums washed upon theirs shores during and after World War II. So the artists took a hammer, and awls, hoping it is not just a nail, and pounded out some of the loveliest things I have hanging on by garden fence. I have beautiful angels on my garden gates guarding the entrances to my little Eden. Along the fence on the east side, I have a tree of life, a sun, and a calypso band of women adding to the beauty of the plants below them.

Everyone has their own style. A unique style dictates individual pieces of art hanging on the fence and other objects place around the plantings. I have worked long and hard on my sanctuary. I would encourage you to decorate your quiet reflective place, and consider some of the pieces of Jamaican Metal Art.

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  1. And lovely it is. Wish you would have posted them all. Great article. Is their a cultural myth t go with each, or do you get to make them up?