Tuesday, October 1, 2013



I spent thirty years in the South training for the rest of the world. The South has its own perspective on things. Everything is seasonal, forget the scripture about planting and sowing, I am talking about lawn mowers and children’s toys.

I moved to the South with a child of two who had a birthday in July during lawn mower season. Not a toy to be had in a small southern town before the days of the huge box stores. You bought your housewares in spring around Mother’s Day. Forget wanting to purchase a broom in November, that’s holiday season, toys and ornaments.

I learned about this phenomenon the hard way. I wanted to make raisin bread in June. I gathered the ingredients. No raisins. Can’t make raisin bread without raisins, what would be the point. I went to the store and looked in the baking aisle, I looked in the fruit aisle, and I asked the manager of the store.

“Do you have any raisins?”

“Lady, ya have to buy your raisins during raisin season.”

“When is raisin season? I thought they dried them so I could have them year round.”

“Raisin season is in the fall when everyone does their holiday baking.”

There you go. Enjoy raisin season. It is coming upon us.

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